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Shovers and Makers

Proud Shovers & Makers
Proud Shovers & Makers
Matt Hamilton and Jill Hurst-Wahl

You’ve heard about the Movers and Shakers, past and present, attending this conference. But there’s another prestigious group here — and you shall know them by their t-shirts. They are the Shovers and Makers, librarians who know they make a difference even if Library Journal hasn’t discovered them yet. Want to become a Shover and Maker? No problem. Go to the website and (as is said in another context) just do it.

Marydee Ojala
Editor, ONLINE: Exploring Technology and Resources for Information Professionals

Movers & Shakers @ CIL09


Congratulations to all the new and earlier Library Journal “Movers & Shakers”!

I feel like I have at least some influence into Library Journal‘s annual Movers & Shakers list of top library leaders since many of their choices come from the ranks for Information Today conference speaker alumni.  We find and feature them and LJ honors them.  Great!  Congratulations to this year’s movers and shakers.

Erik Boekesteijn & his colleagues Jaap & Geert are three new “mover & shaker” inductees and will be seen again at Computers in Libraries 2009 at the Gaming & Gadget Petting Zoo evening on Sunday March 29th, and when Erik interviews New York Public Library’s Paul Holdengraber on Tuesday morning, March 31st.

Stephen Abram was one of the first “movers and shakers” and he is leading the Dead & Innovative Technology:Moving & Shaking in the Information World, the popular & fun panel on Tuesday evening, 7.30-9pm, at Computers in Libraries 2009.  There are several previous inductees on this panel too — Aaron Schmidt & Amanda Etches-Johnson.  In addition, there will be many other current and former LJ “movers and shakers” [including Lori Bell, Michael Porter, Sara Houghton-Jan, Karen Coombs, as well as Erik, Jaap & Geert from the new crop!] , as well as some “shovers & makers” (I guess that’s me) at this evening event.  So join us for lots of fun!