ITI Bloggers

Here is the Information Today blog team:

Jim Ashling

Jim runs Ashling Consulting, an independent consultancy for the information industry.  His e-mail address is

Barbara Brynko

Barb is Editor-in-Chief of Information Today.  Her e-mail address is

Kathy Dempsey

Kathy is Editor of Marketing Library Services.  Her e-mail address is

Jane Dysart

Jane is a principal in Dysart & Jones Associates.  She recruits speakers and organizes programs for many of ITI’s conferences.  Her e-mail address is

Paula Hane
Paula is the Chief of ITI’s News Bureau. She edits the weekly NewsBreaks, and the NewsBreak Update column in Information Today.  Her e-mail address is

Don Hawkins
Don is Information Technology and Database Consultant at ITI. He writes the monthly Conference Circuit column as well as frequent conference reports in Information Today and maintains the conference calendar on ITI’s web site.  His e-mail address is

Dick Kaser
Dick is Vice President of Content at ITI. He is responsible for all of ITI’s publications and conferences.  His e-mail address is

Michelle Manafy

Michelle is Editor-in-Chief of EContent.  Her e-mail address is

Marydee Ojala
Marydee is Editor of ONLINE magazine. She also helps plan programs for some of ITI’s conferences.  Her e-mail address is