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IFLA Conference Grantees’ Reports

IFLA Grantees, Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2010

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s IFLA conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, you can get a view of the conference from reports filed by the Conference Grantees.  A number of sponsors provided a total of over €100,000, which was given to over 40 information professionals to attend the IFLA conference as grantees.  Several of them have made their reports on the conference available, and you will find links to them here.  The grantees represented many parts of the world, and their reports provide an interesting view of the conference.   Many of the reports include photos of Gothenburg, the conference speakers, and venues visited on field trips.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Conference Circuit Blog Editor

IFLA Opens

The annual IFLA conference opened today in Gothenburg, Sweden, and already there are lots of posts in the various blogs and on the interactive conference website.  For example, you can read the text of the opening address by IFLA President Ellen Tise.  An impressive list of 45 bloggers appears on the Blogging in Gothenburg page, including at least one blog (this one!) by a non-attending blogger.  (Thanks to Louis Takacs, Web Content Editor for titling the page “Blogs Dedicated To, or with posts about the Gothenburg conference, thereby allowing The Conference Circuit to qualify for inclusion!)  Even if you’re not at the conference, check the site frequently to get a sense of what’s happening.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today, and Conference Circuit Blog Editor

IFLA Adds Interactive News Feature to Conference Website

IFLA has added an interactive news and updating feature to its conference website.  So far, the site features a Twitter stream, interactive map of the venue, and list of bloggers at the conference (instructions for listing your blog are on the Bloggers page).  According to the site, “This website will support content that is generated by IFLA reporters, conference speakers, and you!”

For those (like me!) who will not be attending the IFLA conference in person, this will be a great way to attend virtually.  Thanks to the IFLA staff for making these facilities available.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Blogger

IFLA’s Annual Conference Draws Near

IFLA’s 76th General Conference and Assembly begins in just over a week, on August 10 in Göteborg, Sweden.  This year’s theme is “Open access to knowledge – promoting sustainable progress”.  A full program of satellite meetings, library visits, and related activities has been arranged; information is available on the conference website.  Many IFLA Divisions and Sections have issued newsletters with details of their conference activities; these can be found on the IFLA website.

The IFLA meeting is a major event on the information industry conference calendar; expect reports on it to appear in a number of industry publications, including Information Today.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Blogger