Charleston Conference Opens

Here are some pictures taken just prior to the opening of the Charleston Conference.  Attendance this year has set a record–1,458, with about 400 first-time attendees, necessitating the use of 3(!) overflow rooms for the keynotes and an additional hotel for concurrent session meeting rooms.  Now there are 4!  And with nearly 200 sessions to choose from, attendees have some serious decisions to make!  (My policy, though perhaps a little limiting, is to only go to sessions in the Francis Marion Hotel because of the time it takes to get from one to another in the brief time between sessions.)

Attendees registering for the conference...

... and picking up their conference bags.

Leah Hinds (L) and Beth Bernhadrt (R) who take excellent care of the behind-the-scenes work

Anthony Watkinson, moderator of the plenary sessions, and Katina Strauch, conference organizer

An overflow crowd gathers for the opening session

I hope you enjoy the conference, and if you can’t be here, be sure to watch this blog for updates.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Conference Circuit Blog Editor

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