Frankfurt Book Fair Academy: A New Addition to the Fair Program

The Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF), occurring this year on October 12-16, is a major event on the publishing industry calendar.  It is enormous, occupying seven large halls, at which publishers all over the world exhibit their wares—virtually anything having to do with book publishing is represented.  And the crowds are equally large, especially on the last day when the public is admitted.  Each year, a different country is designated as the “guest of honor”; this year Iceland is the designated guest.  After my first (and only) visit to the FBF, I said that attending the FBF is an experience everyone in the information industry should have at least once—provided they have a pair of very comfortable shoes!

This year, a new “Academy” has been added to the Fair’s satellite events.  The Academy features “the best international conferences, seminars, and publishers’ trips that the Book Fair has to offer all year round” in four broad subject areas:  strategy, marketing, digital, and rights and licenses.  Here is a sampling of the offerings this year:

In addition, a new series of posts on the Fair’s blog, “Every Think“, will feature 20 essays by the speakers appearing at one of the Academy conferences.

There is truly “something for everyone” at the FBF, and if you have the chance to attend it, don’t miss it!

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Conference Circuit Blog Editor

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