A Most Interesting Display

(L-R) Marydee Ojala, Editor of ONLINE Magazine; Michael LaGreca, VP, Library Access Programs, Material Connexion; and Paula Hane, ITI's News Bureau Chief, in the Material Connexion booth

Material Connexion Display Board

I found the Material Connexion booth one of the most unusual I have ever seen at a library show.  Material Connexion is right in tune with today’s emphasis on conservation, “green” materials, etc.  Formed by some materials scientists, they have constructed a database listing sources of materials made out of unusual recycled materials for use in libraries and other buildings.  The database allows the user to specify the properties desired in the materials and returns a list of materials meeting the specified criteria, and suppliers.

For example, here are some of products on display.

Leather made from a cow's stomach

Textiles from Silkworm Cocoons

Work Surface Made From Counterfeit Currency

Super-strong Paper Made from Hippopotamus Dung

I was fascinated, entertained, and educated by this display.  (Of course,my interest was heightened because I studied materials science as a graduate student!)

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Conference Circuit Blog Editor

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