EPICIC Symposium Presentations Available

The Symposium on comparative epistemology concepts of information and communication in science (EPICIC) was held on April 11 in Lyon, France.  Here is a summary from the website:

This symposium is one of the events planned under the project funded by the ISCC EPICIC (Institute of Communication Science of CNRS) in its tender, 2010 PIR program Program for Interdisciplinary Research) 2010. The project is supported by EPICIC an international consortium of researchers from four research teams.


Although there is no consensus on a common definition of concepts of information and communication, few can refute the thesis that information – it is regarded as an “object” or as that “process” – is a precondition for knowledge. Epistemology is the study of how people acquire knowledge (meaning Anglo-Saxon) or the study of how scientific knowledge is developed and validated (meaning French). Adopt an epistemological position back to commit to report on what constitutes knowledge or procedural terms, to account for when someone can claim to know something. An epistemological theory imposes constraints on the interpretation of human cognitive interaction with the world. It goes without saying that epistemological theories have different criteria more or less binding to distinguish what constitutes a knowledge of what is not. If information is a pre-condition for acquiring knowledge, then realize how knowledge is acquired may affect our understanding of the concepts of information and communication. While several studies in Computer Science and Communication (SIC) have focused on defining the concepts of information – communication, few studies have established explicit links between different theoretical conceptions of these concepts and positions underlying epistemological.”

The conference presentations and videos are now available.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Conference Circuit Blog Editor

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