The Lucene Revolution

Lucene Revolution 2011 (San Francisco, CA, May 23-26),the largest conference dedicated to open source search, will bring together developers, thought leaders, and market makers who understand that the search technology they’ve been looking has arrived.  The conference is produced by Lucid Imagination, the commercial entity for Apache Solr/Lucene Open Source Search.  The first two days of the conference are devoted to training on Solr, Lucene, and LucidWorks Enterprise, and the final two days are the conference.

The opening keynote session features two presentations:  “The Once and Future History of Enterprise Search and Open Source”, by Mark Krellenstein, Founder of Lucid Imagination, and “From Publisher To Platform: How The Guardian Embraced the Internet using Content, Search, and Open Source”, by Stephen Dunn, Head of Technology Strategy, Guardian News and Media UK.  The day 2 keynote address, “All Data Big and Small”, is by Stephen O’Grady, Co-founder and Principal Analyst, RedMonk.  A wide variety of presentations on various aspects of open source search are on the program.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Conference Circuit Blog Editor

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