Cycling For Libraries

Here is a really fascinating and different approach to a conference!  Cycling For Libraries will be a group of 100 library professionals who will ride their bikes from Copenhagen to Berlin, beginning on May 28 and arriving in time for the 100th Deutsche Bibliothekartag (German Library Conference), which occurs in Berlin on June 7-10 with the theme “Libraries for the Future – Future for the Libraries”.  Over 50 cyclists have already registered, so if you plan to go, you should register very soon.  A library-related theme has been selected for each day for discussion among the cyclists.   Full details of the cycling route, discussion themes, enroute accommodations, etc. are on the website.

I hope that someone will blog or otherwise write an account of their experiences and make it available–in fact, I hope that several people will do it.  Sets of photos on Flickr or a similar service would also be of interest.  (If you will be doing this, please comment on this post with the appropriate URLs.  I’m sure that interest in this event will be high, and it may even be a model for future conferences!)

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Conference Circuit Blog Editor


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