The Book Unbound


The Book Unbound: Reading and Publishing in the Digital Age, a new conference to be held in Amsterdam and The Hague on May 19-21, has been announced.  It looks like a fascinating conference–similar to the recent O’Reilly Tools for Change held in New York.  The program is now online.  Here is a description from the conference website:

The conventional notion of the book, based on centuries of print, is rapidly growing outdated. The book is coming unbound in a double sense: both freed from the bindings of the printed volume, and from the limitations of conventional text. The entire concept of ‘bookness’ needs reinvention. Critical cultural forces must step in to develop new models for reading, publishing, and learning. The Unbound Book Conference invites its speakers and audience to take part in defining this transformative landscape.

The program begins on May 19 with a series of workshops, and the main conference continues over the next two days.  With sessions ranging from “What Is a Book?” to “Future Publishing Industries” to “Horizons of Education and Authoring”, this looks to be a very relevant and interesting conference.  Dick Kaser, Information Today’s Vice President of Content, is planning to be there, so look for coverage in either Information Today or on this blog.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Conference Circuit Blog Editor

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