A Reading Revolution


Cheryl Goodman

Cheryl Goodman, Director of Publisher Relations at Qualcomm (the leading provider of chipsets for mobile handsets) stressed that most handset or reading device vendors do not have a good content strategy, which makes an excellent opportunity for publishers to function as a conduit to highly curated content.  Reading is on the increase, and digital content sales are leading those of print content.  Stickiness is more important than ever.   Unfortunately, most publishers have not engaged with this market and have not changed their digital strategies, so advertisers and marketers will determine what the industry will look like.

Market trends

Market Trends

The largest platform in the world is the mobile handset.  Consumers want more functionality and features; content must live up to the capability of the platform. Consumers will demand that content live not only on their handsets, but perhaps even on their TVs.  Media are shifting; content must be flexible, and publishers need technology relationships and must find new ways to get their content out to the market.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and Conference Circuit Blog Editor

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