Asia Beckons Online

I’ve been noticing, over the past few years, a decline in delegates from Asian countries. Apparently Incisive Media, producer of the Online Information conference, has noticed the same thing. So they’ve decided to take the conference, or a version of it at least, to Asia. Online Information Asia-Pacific will be held in Hong Kong, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, on March 23-24, 2011. Since that’s over a year away, it gives people lots of time to think about exhibiting and presenting.


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  1. Gordon Wood December 4, 2009 at 9:01 am #

    The continuing draw of Asia as a target for investment is a walk up start.

    Capital markets are now established, resources are there or easily accessible for value add, knowledge workers are readily available and the level of education general is advancing. With skills in abundance and still relatively cost effective this means for high quality production level exports are making high profits for Asian business.

    In addition the huge middle class that has emerged in the last decade with youth in Asia now readily joining the consumer society makes in Asias developing nation’s domestic markets also fertile.

    There is much to task about. So bring it on.

    Gordon Wood