No Fizzies

If by “fizzies”, you thought I meant drinks, then my headline is misleading. Indeed, several vendors had mini-drinks parties on their stands and those sometimes involved champagne. No, what I had in mind was German information companies whose names begin with FIZ. Neither FIZ Chemie Berlin nor FIZ Karlsruhe chose to come to the U.K. to exhibit this year. I confess I missed catching up with them, but it may be indicative of the state of the industry that the FIZzies didn’t find it cost-effective to make the journey.

Other German companies on the exhibit floor included Springer, which as you have probably seen from other blog posts introduced its SpringerMaterials at the show. For a short time, it appeared that we would also have news of Springer’s being acquired by Informa, but Informa has now dropped its efforts to buy Springer.

The other German company whose stand I visited was Weitkamper Technology, a  very interesting search engine technology, HitEngine. Its XSEARCH technologies include a clustering engine, facet navigation, search suggestions, and linguistic analysis.

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