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Although Knovel didn’t have a booth on the exhibition floor this year, Diana Bittern, director of product management, still had plenty of meetings lined up about the company’s online technical resources for engineers.

For the past two years, Knovel has been refocusing on what customers truly want, says Bittern. “We found that librarians screamed the loudest” about some disruptive issues with the Knovel site in the recent past, so Bittern and her team went back to the drawing board after conducting observation sessions with users. The results, she says, helped fine-tune the site’s contextual design and became the drivers for further innovation.

Knovel Labs, one of the spinoffs, gives users a chance to try out product enhancements in beta before their release. “Knovel Labs has been a great success,” she says. “Librarians like to see and touch the products in the development phase, and we welcome their feedback.”

Knovel’s interactive search capabilities within the site’s graphs and tables are a key differentiator between them and the competitors, and it was important to make the entire search experience easier for the users.

“This year has been the year for personalization with our launch of the new My Knovel that lets engineers and engineering students collect and save their knowledge over time,” says Bittern. It gives users the chance to save searches, links, and graphs involved in their work for future reference, along with frequently used titles, content, and queries that can be organized into specific folders.

Next year, she says, Knovel is gearing up for a year of collaboration and community so users can share and exchange information. In the meantime, the Knovel team is rebuilding its infrastructure with a revamped interface and an improved user registration system with a single sign-on option for societies and academic institutions.

“We went back to the drawing board to help engineers get their answers faster,” says Bittern. “Our long-term goal is still to make engineers more productive.”

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  1. Paula Hane December 3, 2009 at 12:55 pm #

    We posted an article on Knovel this morning. Here’s an abstract.

    NewsLink Spotlight
    Moving Engineers to a Knovel Approach
    by Paula J. Hane
    Over the past 9 years, Knovel ( has established itself as a trusted online resource for engineering reference content. I distinctly remember the first time I saw a demo of its interactive capabilities for tables and graphs at Internet Librarian in 2002-very cool, I thought. The Knovel database is a single searchable collection of engineering and applied science reference works and databases from top publishers. With continuous content additions over the years and enhancements in features and functions, it has become an online resource that really helps engineers find reliable technical information faster. The company has recently added new personalization features designed to facilitate how engineers gather and interact with engineering information. The new My Knovel is intended as a replacement for the physical binder of go-to resources that engineers create throughout their careers, pulling content from engineers’ handbooks, materials property databases, standards, online searches, and libraries of math and best practices.


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