Ex Libris: Towards Openness and Convergence

Libraries are asking where are vendors going? what kind of strategies are they deploying? what do I do with my print collection in a digital world?  And they are looking for vendors to share their vision, says Marc Daubach, Corporate V.P., General Manager, Europe, Ex Libris Group, in this interview.

The Ex Libris vision embraces  open source solutions within its products and advocates openness in data as well.  The company does not see it as an either/or (left or right hand) choice.   It’s all destined to come together, even content and systems.

In addition to discussing market conditions around the world, the interview contains an update on the massive Ex Libris project to develop a “Unified Resource Management System” that will handle both print and electronic resources.  The development effort for this project is being conducted by Ex Libris in a transparent way, involving libraries closely in defining  the new system, which is planned for release in 2012.

Watch the video.

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