Looking Forward to a Challenging 2010

Outsell projects that, overall, the information industry will grow by 3 to 4 per cent in 2010, though some sectors will continue to perform at 2009 levels or see up to 2 per cent growth over 2009.  It will be another challenging year, but better in comparison to 2009.

The news must come with a sigh of relief to many companies operating in this space, for it is an understatement to say it was not the best year for many.  Companies in the business of providing news, for example,  took a 20% beating this year, while only a couple sectors remained strong, namely healthcare information and government data.

Digital advertising grew by 8 to 10 per cent, down significantly from the classic 20% growth rate it was experiencing prior to the economy’s downfall.

Some companies see promise from emerging markets (i.e., developing countries not already to the point of being considered “advanced economies.”)  But the early results may not be indicative.   It may, in fact,  be a while yet, before the potential is realized.

In the following video interview conducted yesterday at Online Information in London, Anthea Stratigos, co-founder and CEO, Outsell, discusses these and other market conditions, predicts growth areas, and suggests strategies for companies to adopt for 2010.

Her best advice for companies?  If you’re not already in the business of providing medical information or government data, consider how you can offer something to enterprises that either helps them save money or make money, focus on creating an excellent customer experience and provide exceptional customer service.

Please watch the video.

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