Gale Launches Online Archive of the Financial Times

At day’s end on Tuesday, the rapid fire of champagne corks popping signaled the start of the official celebration of the publishing partnership between Gale, part of Cengage Learning, and the Financial Times.

Gale Cengage Learning rolled out its exclusive Financial Times Historical Archive 1888–2006, a coup for researchers and historians who now have easily searchable access of 119 years of global business and financial news in 790,000 newspaper pages. “Users can see the actual pages with all the articles, advertisements, and even the tombstones,” says Mark Holland, publisher director at Gale Cengage Learning. “Best yet, the essential businessman’s paper is completely searchable,” right down to the ads and market listings.

Updates to the collection will be added every year, says Alison Parker, content syndication director of the Financial Times. Parker, who says the news is targeted to “the C-suite,” added that the Financial Times is the only non-U.S. newspaper delivered to the White House every morning. The webpages of the Financial Times Historical Archive 1888–2006 are the signature salmon-pink hue, of course, equipped with a scrolling timeline along the bottom of the page that provides a quick search of highlights for each year. With Gale Cengage Learning’s reach into libraries in every country around the world, says Rossella Proscia, marketing director of Cengage Learning EMEA, the archives are poised to help researchers worldwide.

As for that signature salmon-pink paper? Parker says that one day in 1993, the FT was printed on white paper and circulation figures dropped nearly 50%. So the tradition reigns.

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