In Companies “Smart” Info Pros Get Imbedded

It hasn’t been the worst year for information professionals working in companies.  Their down-sizing took place prior to the big recession, observes Anne Caputo (DowJones), President-Elect, SLA (a.k.a., Special Library Association, but that could change any day now, as a vote on a new name is pending.)

Market opportunities also exist, Anne says, for companies offering information services and solutions.  But money isn’t freely available for just anything.   Products need to fit a high-level corporate objective, or the costs need to be able to be passed on to clients.

The outlook for corporate information professionals?   A name change is possibly also in order.  Sadly, an MLS doesn’t cut it anymore, says Anne.  Better would be an MBA.   And if you’re smart, you’ll get yourself imbedded in a place other than the corporate library.

It’s best to hear it in her own words.  Play the video.

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