Who Will Dominate the Technology Space?

It’s the “new normal” . . . the paradigm has shifted again.

Who will dominate the technology landscape?  Google?  Microsoft?  or someone else?

Given that we’re still experiencing the biggest recession most of us have ever known, and given that we’re undergoing a major technology shift at the same time, what does the future hold for the information industry, which is coming together this week in London?

According to David Snowden, founder and chief scientific officer at Cognitive Edge, in times like these, the dominant players will now “drop off” and recover in new forms, while others will move into the space.

Going forward, will the larger landscape be defined by Microsoft or Google?  Or will someone new emerge from left field?  The answer may surprise you.

Watch the video clip from an interview, conducted recently at KMWorld ’09, to find out.

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