Industry Outlook: Seeing What the Week Will Tell

Things have been improving of late in the information industry.  At least that’s the current impression of FreePint General Manager Robin Neidorf.   But she’s waiting to see what the Online Information conference and exhibition in London reveals this week.

We caught up with Robin today while she was taking a break from setting up the FreePint display in the exhibition hall.

See what she has to say about how continuing “intense budget pressure” is being offset with a growing understanding that an investment in information is necessary for companies to remain competitive.  Watch the video.

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If you are attending the event this week in London, you can contribute your own observations for inclusion in the FreePint Online Information 2009 Special Report.  To participate pick up a form from the FreePint stand (#122)  or submit your comments online.  For those not at the show, sign up to receive a free copy of the report.

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