More Kudos for the Hyatt

Hyatt in Crystal City Cares for CIL Community

Hyatt in Crystal City Cares for CIL Community

Even though a number of attendees at CIL were disappointed that the Lobby Bar was not open earlier in the day and that it ran out of beer on tap last night, I have always liked this hotel.  Every venue has pluses and minuses, just like all of us (yes you have to admit it!).  I love the fact that the Hyatt enables our CIL community, provides the infrastructure for our discussions and conversations, as it did when I started to program the conference 14 years ago after Information Today purchased the event from Mecklermedia.  We, the CIL community, are everywhere in this hotel — the main ballroom floor, the conference registration and exhibit hall level. rooms on the third floor for Internet @ Schools and one of the CIL tracks, the restaurants on the 2nd and top floor (have you seen the fabulous view of the Capitol from there?), and of course, the Lobby bar and conversation area.  It’s basically just us here in this hotel, I love that.  And I love that the people who work here really care about us and our experience in their house.

The other day I wrote about a woman who was the recipient of the Hyatt’s care and today another woman told me about her extraordinary care from the Hyatt.  She got the flu on Monday and spent 8 hours being very ill.  When she called room service for some gingerale they were very concerned, provided lots of chicken soup on the house, offered other food which this lady couldn’t even imagine eating but appreciated the offer.  Security called her to see if she wanted to go to the hospital and contintued to check in with her, the cleaning staff were extremely kind.  She felt as if they wanted to feel her foread and nurture her.   Our CIL attendee really felt the love.  So I know that if I have heard several great stories, there many others out there.  Thanks to Hyatt staff for taking care of the CIL community.  We’ll see you here next year, April 12-14, 2010, for our 25th annual Computers in Libraries.

Jane Dysart, Conference Program Chair

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  1. Muriel April 3, 2009 at 1:25 pm #

    I appreciate that the planners are grateful to Hyatt, and the rank and file staff was impeccably trained as always at a Hyatt. I was most incensed, however, that they charged for Internet in the rooms, at a technology conference!