Cheers to More Innovation

One look at the Laughing Buddha statue decorating the head table at the Thomson Reuters luncheon Tuesday was proof that it has been a very good year for Thomson Innovation. The product development team was on hand to celebrate the first anniversary of the "next generation intellectual property research and analysis tool" and introduce a host of new enhancements to Thomson Innovation 2.0.

Within its first year out of the gate, Thomson Innovation has won a collection of clients and two industry awards, according to David Brown, executive vice president for the Scientific business of Thomson Reuters. Winning the R&D100 Award (R&D Magazine) and the InfoWorld 100 Award (InfoWorld) was a "real tribute being recognized as a top solution by the technology world," he says. 

Researchers can now map the landscape of proprietary patent data from Derwent World Patents Index and scientific literature with ThemeScape, a visualization tool that translates data into a two-dimensional map with peaks that represent a concentration of documents. A Clustering tool categorizes patent documents automatically using linguistic analysis of text highlighted in user-selected fields and displays relationships in documents that would otherwise take hours/day/weeks to complete. The patent coverage has also been pumped up with data from 41 of the world’s patenting authorities, along with English translations of titles, abstracts, and all claims for Chinese utility models and applications. There’s even a tracking function that allows centralized control of managing research across an organization, and a Japanese language interface available with just one click.

Although Brown admits there were some "growing pains along the way in 2008," he says this rollout continues Thomson Innovation’s mission of "setting the standard in IP research with patents, scientific research, news, and world-class content."

Version 2.0 will be available for corporate consumption starting December 15.

At right: Thomson Innovation’s Daphne Greechie and David Brown; the ThemeScape landscape mapping is displayed on the screen.

Barbara Brynko
Editor in Chief
Information Today

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