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Altarama Information Systems, a first-time London Online exhibitor, is introducing its new RefChatter product at the show. Designed to be a reference librarian’s best friend, this latest offering in Altarama’s product line delivers online reference via Instant Messaging. Although there may be other similar products on the market, RefChatter gives librarians a little extra with transcripts, statistics, and multiuser capability. And since it’s fully hosted and web-based, there’s no software to load locally.

Australian-based Shirley Forster, managing director, says the company specializes in services that improve reference and management functions at libraries. The company, which was launched in April 2001, has a big following in Australia and is now gaining momentum in Europe and the U.S. Forster offered a demo on RefChatter’s ease-of-use and functionality. Those clients without Instant Messaging networks can use a supplied widget to contact the library with the same efficiency. Other Altarama tools include RefTracker (information request management system), SMSReference (text messaging for information requests and notices), and DeskStats (simple capture and reporting of reference statistics).

Above: Shirley Forster provides a brief demo of RefChatter to Tim Buckley Owen (FreePint).

Barbara Brynko
Editor in Chief
Information Today

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