Help Me, I’m on DEADLINE!


I don’t know about you, but if it weren’t for multi-tasking, I wouldn’t get half as much done.   As usual, I’ll be using my time at the Online show to kill multiple birds with a single stone.

My show coverage on this blog will, therefore, be focused on a subject near and dear to me, academic journal collections and research databases, particularly the STM stuff.  I haven’t been able to keep up with it lately, so I want to catch up.

As luck would have it, I’ve promised my readers an update on the subject that will appear in a fast forthcoming issue of Computers in Libraries.  The Online show just happens to be timed perfectly for me to meet my looming deadline.  With all the vendors in one place at Online, the show’s providing me with a great multi-tasking opportunity.

If the subject of digital research collections happens to be of interest to you, too, I would welcome your comments, both now and during the course of the event.  Just use the comment feature on this blog to add your thoughts to the mix.

You can start now, by tipping me off to vendors you’d like to hear about, topics of concern to you, or issues that you would like me to explore for you.  Now, don’t be shy.  Drop me a comment right on the blog.  Or, if you must, email me at

This goes for vendors too.  If you want to make sure that I visit your stand or hear about your news, drop me a line or add a comment to this message.

Looking Forward to Working with You from London,

Dick Kaser

VP, Content, Information Today, Inc.

Executive Editor, Computers in Libraries

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