Financial Undercurrents & Economic Impacts


I suppose it could be left unsaid, but since Online Information 2008 is the first major industry event since the collapse of world financial markets, as reporters we will, of course, be looking for signs of the economic impact on the industry that we devote our time covering.

The new organizers, Incisive Media, have this autumn been quick to point out that the way out of troubled times is better information services, but in many companies travel budgets were the first thing to get locked down.

Though we would normally by this point have received many invitations to after-hours social affairs, my mail box is as empty as my dance card was at the high school prom. 

We expect to find the industry actively present in London, but as with our own strategy, we presume we will see fewer people from vendor companies.

We wish the organizers the best.  We thank them for their hospitality in issuing us press passes.  And we look forward to covering the event.

Dick Kaser

ITI, VP, Content


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