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Financial Undercurrents & Economic Impacts


I suppose it could be left unsaid, but since Online Information 2008 is the first major industry event since the collapse of world financial markets, as reporters we will, of course, be looking for signs of the economic impact on the industry that we devote our time covering.

The new organizers, Incisive Media, have this autumn been quick to point out that the way out of troubled times is better information services, but in many companies travel budgets were the first thing to get locked down.

Though we would normally by this point have received many invitations to after-hours social affairs, my mail box is as empty as my dance card was at the high school prom. 

We expect to find the industry actively present in London, but as with our own strategy, we presume we will see fewer people from vendor companies.

We wish the organizers the best.  We thank them for their hospitality in issuing us press passes.  And we look forward to covering the event.

Dick Kaser

ITI, VP, Content


End-to-End Conference Coverage (. . . and then some)


As usual, Online Information is providing us not only with an active trade show floor (with hundreds of exhibitors) to cover, but a great deal of program content.

Our coverage begins Monday with the EPublishing Innovation Forum, a new pre-conference, parallel event, being held just in advance of the official Online Information show.  Topics include vertical search, widgets, and collaborative tools.  The event is chaired by David Warlock, Chief Research Fellow at Outsell, Inc.   We will be popping in and out of that program.  Watch the blog especially for Barb Brynko’s coverage of Worlock’s concluding summary remarks.

We will be covering as much as we can muster of the main Online Information program, which starts Tuesday at 10 a.m., with a keynote by Clay Shirky, and then runs three-tracks at a time for the three-day run of the event.

While the main meetings are running, the conference organizers are also offering a full program from the show floor.  This part of the event is being marketed as Information Management Solutions ’08

Though not associated directly with the Online show, there’s an interesting event happening on Thursday down the street in Kensington.  Sponsored by BIC (an arm of the Publishers Association, CILIP, and The British Library), a short program will be presented, to what is said to now be a sell-out crowd, focusing on the digital supply chain.  I requested a press pass a while back, but never got a confirmation.  If the organizers come through with a pass (hint! hint!), I would delighted to cover the event.

Dick Kaser

ITI VP, Content 


Help Me, I’m on DEADLINE!


I don’t know about you, but if it weren’t for multi-tasking, I wouldn’t get half as much done.   As usual, I’ll be using my time at the Online show to kill multiple birds with a single stone.

My show coverage on this blog will, therefore, be focused on a subject near and dear to me, academic journal collections and research databases, particularly the STM stuff.  I haven’t been able to keep up with it lately, so I want to catch up.

As luck would have it, I’ve promised my readers an update on the subject that will appear in a fast forthcoming issue of Computers in Libraries.  The Online show just happens to be timed perfectly for me to meet my looming deadline.  With all the vendors in one place at Online, the show’s providing me with a great multi-tasking opportunity.

If the subject of digital research collections happens to be of interest to you, too, I would welcome your comments, both now and during the course of the event.  Just use the comment feature on this blog to add your thoughts to the mix.

You can start now, by tipping me off to vendors you’d like to hear about, topics of concern to you, or issues that you would like me to explore for you.  Now, don’t be shy.  Drop me a comment right on the blog.  Or, if you must, email me at

This goes for vendors too.  If you want to make sure that I visit your stand or hear about your news, drop me a line or add a comment to this message.

Looking Forward to Working with You from London,

Dick Kaser

VP, Content, Information Today, Inc.

Executive Editor, Computers in Libraries

Let Us Be Your Eyes and Ears

We know that for some of you, it won’t be possible to attend the Online Information show in London this year.

Out of our sense of economic prudence, we ourselves are bringing a smaller crew across the pond.  Regrettably, the man who has served both as anchor and pivot for this blog the last few years, drew the short stick.  Columnist Don Hawkins, who has provided so much in-depth reporting and has made so many other creative contributions to this blog, will, unfortunately, not be with us.  We will miss him!

Reporting from the convention floor and conference halls in London this year will be:

  • Barb Brynko, Editor-in-Chief, Information Today newspaper & Editorial Director, InfoPro Pubs
  • Marydee Ojala, Editor, ONLINE Magazine, and Conference Chair, Internet Librarian International
  • Kat Allen, ITI’s newest staffer, who previously managed the London Online Information show and is now heading up our UK operations for Streaming Media Europe (conference and magazine)
  • Jim Ashling, our European correspondent for Information Today, who will be making a cameo appearance or two

Wearing my hat as Executive Editor of Computers in Libraries magazine, I plan to use the blog as a collaborative platform.  Please join me in helping write a story for the next issue.

From the States, we’ll be backed-up, as usual, by:

  • Paula Hane, ITI News Bureau Chief and Editor, ITI NewsBreaks
  • Michelle Manafy, Editor, EContent Magazine and Editorial Director, Enterprise Group

. . . and others from our crew who may wish to join in.

For those of you in the States, have a Happy Thanksgiving.  For those abroad, please feel free to feast along with us this Thursday.  We’ll be reporting from London starting next Monday. 


Dick Kaser

V.P., Content

Information Today, Inc.


See you in London


It’s clear from the blog that IL in Monterey was a terrific show this year.  Thanks to Don, Kathy, Paula, & Marydee for covering Internet Librarian so well.

Our next editors’ conference blog will start in only a few weeks, as once again we go to London to cover the online industry’s longest running event–Online Information, London.

Our coverage starts on December 1st.  If we don’t see you there, see us here.

Dick Kaser

ITI VP, Content