On to Washington DC


There’s a very old joke that goes something like this: "What does the DC in Washington DC stand for? Oh, that’s easy, it stands for Da Capital." OK, not all that funny and you very likely know that DC really stands for District of Columbia. 

Next year SLA will capitalize on being in Washington for its centennial. Although at the closing annual business meeting, SLA Treasurer Sylvia James assured us that the association was in reasonably good financial shape, while acknowledging "difficult financial times," some officers of individual units told me privately they were concerned about financing their activities for the 2009 conference.

After this year’s theme of "Breaking Rules, Building Bridges," will the 2009 theme be about building bank accounts?

I’m looking forward to next year’s conference, whatever it’s theme may be!  And George Washington, who decided to join the farewell party at the last minute as you can see above, is looking forward to it as well.

Marydee Ojala

Editor, ONLINE: Exploring Technology & Resources for Information Professionals


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