Technology Free For All

Two members of the News Division—Jessica Baumgart and Derek Willis—led an informative session on the tech tools they’ve found especially useful. Some attendees chimed in with some of their suggestions as well. Here’s a quick run down—they’re definitely worth checking out when you have some time.

Many Eyes ( is a collaborative project from IBM that provides tools for data visualization. Tools include word trees, tag clouds, graphs, and more. People upload data sets of all kinds.

Dipity ( makes it easy to create a timeline.

Meebo ( is a free browser-based IM tool that can be useful for libraries.

Awesome Highlighter ( lets you quickly snag text on a Web page and share the highlighted text and the page with others.

There were lots more. Check out the links on Jessica’s blog: She also mentioned the babbledog site (, from the company she works for, renesys. Here’s what it does:
Babbledog is a place where you can share content of interest, interact with folks through live chat, and get recommendations about what to read. Babbledog learns what you like based on your quiz answers and what you read, post, and discuss. The more you use the site, the better Babbledog’s recommendations will be for you.

Paula J. Hane
News Bureau Chief, ITI


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