Recalling WTO Protests of 1999

At a session this morning speakers recalled and reflected on protests nearly nine years ago outside the Seattle Convention Center during a meeting of ministers considering what proved to be unpopular World Trade Organization (WTO) initiatives. Gillian Murphy, representing the WTO History Project at the University of Washington, showed documents from the project archives, including the "Peaceful Protest Zone" sign displayed on the screen below.  She described the archives as a significant collection, since it documents the events at a level of detail not covered by the media at the time.

Matthew Sparke, from the University of Washington, (shown speaking in this photo), discussed the WTO in the context of economic history and drew some interesting parallels between WTO and the European Union efforts to stimulate international economic development outside the context of social and polical regimes.

If you’d like to learn more about the subject, Stuart Basefsky, from Cornell, who also spoke at the session, has compiled a list of web sties related to WTO Trade and Labor Issues.

Dick Kaser, ITI VP, Content

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