Where East Meets West

Thomson Scientific is adding a bit of new content to its collection after the first of the year. It has just announced a partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to bring the Chinese Science Citation Database (CACD) into the ISI Web of Knowledge platform. This translates to more than 1,000 scholarly publications and more than 1.3 million records from the People’s Republic of China that will be fully searchable within the ISI Web of Knowledge in early 2008. Citation links will connect CSCD to data within the Web of Science.

According to Keith MacGregor, executive vice president of Thomson Scientific, “The Chinese scientific literature that will be included offers 80% of the material with English-language titles and abstracts, since English is still the language of science.” Much of the bibliographic information will appear in simplified Chinese and English, so the ISI Web of Knowledge will be upgraded to support Unicode. The new database, says MacGregor, “will bridge Chinese science and the global research community.”

The partnership developed to continue “building opportunities as part of our ongoing relationship,” says MacGregor; Thomson Scientific established an office in Beijing in 2000.

Barbara Brynko
Editor in Chief
Information Today

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