Every year I return from Online with a host of resolutions. I’ll surely look further into some of the things I’ve just heard about.  However, like many folks, I guess, there’s always plenty to catch up on. Inevitably, those good intentions get pushed to the back of the mind and a few of them get forgotten altogether. I remember the first time I ever heard about some new-fangled search engine called ‘Google’ at a conference and noting to myself to check it out. But oh no, it got pushed to the back of my mind and it was months later before I realized that I’d missed something important.

I’ll try harder this year – honest! For one thing, Online is loaded with practical advice sessions with alerts to new functions, sites or services. You can’t attend them all, but Mary Ellen Bates’ 20 Search Tips In 25 Minutes is guaranteed to give you a few new things to try out. So my resolution this year is to try out every one of her tips, and furthermore to get it done before the New Year even begins.

I’ve made a good start. I’ve already downloaded Tip #5: a Firefox extension called CustomizeGoogle which allows me to remove advertisements, run the search on other engines and number the hits among many other useful things.

There’s plenty more to try though – you can find them all on Mary Ellen Bates’ website here.

Jim Ashling

Information Today, International Columnist


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