Agile Development

Not all sessions occur in the conference portion of Online Information. Down on the exhibit floor, there are concurrent sessions, half an hour in length, free to anyone attending either the conference or the exhibit. A particularly interesting one, in the Epublishing Solutions track, was Outsell’s Kate Worlock on Agile Development. She characterized the current publishing climate as one where customers are in control, want a consumer experience, and have attention deficit. Competitors are lightening fast and change stripes at will. There’s no legacy anything and wierd business models exist. She asked the attendees if they thought their processes were agile, after she descirbed the ititerative "virtuous circle" of agile publiishing: Describe, develop, test, launch, learn, then start over. Think platforms adn extensible frameworks rather than products was her advice. Feedback is a critical part of agile development. Finally, she believes that a product launch is the beginning not the end.

Obviously, Kate believes that Outsell itself is an agile developer and noted that it even has a "Chilef Agility Officer" (Marc Strohlein). The discussion made me wonder if we have agile information professionals in place in our organizations to keep up with their vendors’ agile development.

Marydee Ojala

Editor, ONLINE: Exploring Technology & Resources for Information Professionals


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