Not Just an English Interface but an Outreach Effort

Mohamed M. Elewa, CEO, Arabia Inform, is a man on a mission.

At Online Information, his company — which for 15 years has been monitoring, abstracting and indexing news and other sources in the Middle East — announced in London the release of a new English-language interface, AskZad.

When I sat down to talk to him about it, however, he denied that AskZad is just an interface.   It’s also a goodwill gesture to the West.

"One of my main objectives as a businessman is to connect East and West," he said, during an interview earlier this week.

The AskZad service–and other services offered by Arabia Inform–help companies, countries, think tanks, researchers and anyone with an interest in the Middles East monitor information sources, ranging from media to journals. 

AskZad is available on a pay-as-you-go remote access or pre-paid, site-license basis.  The new English-language service may also be licensed to popular aggregators in the West.  And other European-language interfaces are planned.

Jan Diggs, GM, Business Development, and Mr. Elewa shared with me additional plans going forward, which include the launch next year of a business intelligence service focused on various vertical market sectors in the Middle East.  They told me they plan to offer risk assessment, terrorist reports, company/country image analytics, and so forth, as part of the service.

"We’ve started to make a good approach to the West," said Mr. Elewa, "We’ve only started . . . "

Dick Kaser
ITI V.P., Content

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