FIZ-K, 30 Years & Looking Forward to the Future

Earlier this week FIZ Karlsruhe’s CEO & Presdient Sabine Brünger-Weilandt reflected on the 30-year history of the German Technical Information Center (Fachinformationszentrum) she now directs. 

She and Dr. Leni Helmes, Vice President for Development & Applied Research at FIZ-K, also described for me their strategic relationships with CAS/STN, ACS, and the Max Planck Institute.   It should come as no surprise at this conference, but even organizations like FIZ-K, who focus on the scientific and technical research community, are evaluating Web 2.0 applications for incorporation into their classic services.

In the future, said Ms. Brünger-Weilandt, "we will be a service provider not just of scientific information but will support scientists in their research."

To listen to the short interview, recorded on the convention show floor, click on the icon below (and forgive the background noise). 

Dick Kaser
ITI, V.P., Content

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