Web 2.0 in Action

Great speakers gave wonderful examples of Web 2.0 in action in their organizations.  Christian Schatzinger, Global Technology/Global Operations, Vodafone Group Services talked about his organization’s new wiki.  Bonnie Cheuk, Head of Knowledge & Information, Global Knowledge Sharing Program at ERM (Environmental Resources Management), talked about the initiatives in her organization and how Web 2.0 is changing the culture.  She talked about encouraging employee profiles, wikis for shared documents, online collaboration spaces, ways to get urgent requests answered from around the globe, and the CEO’s blog which introduced the organization’s Web 2.0 platform and highlighted how management needed to be prepared for the consquences — yes, employees do sometimes disagree with your acitons!   But the blog comments did lead to the creation of a new blog and discussion about the environmental footprint of ERM.  When asked about her definition of Web 2.0, Bonnie referred to LANES:

  • Lateral commnication
  • All staff participation
  • Network building
  • Expertise visualization
  • Selfishness, yet add value to others

She emphasized how organizations have to be employee centric and ready to be surprised!

The final speaker, Anne Welsh, was an informaiton officer with DrugScope but has recently become Chambers Librarian.  Her top 5 tips for finding time for Web 2.0:

1. Make time for development ideas — step back and make a wishlist

2. Think big — then scale to suit your resources

3. Keep up with new technology

4. Make friends feeds, and get close to your users

5. Reuse and repurpose

Jane Dysart

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