Next Week: Grey Literature (GL9)

GL9 Conference Program
Hosted by the Flemish Government

Grey Foundations in Information Landscape  
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House of the Province
Antwerp, Belgium
December 10-11, 2007



As long as you are here in London, some of you may be interested in attending the GL9 conference next week.  (If you don’t know what Grey Literature is, click here.)  The keynote speaker is Prof. Dr. Claudia Lux, President of IFLA and Director General of the Central and Regional Library, Berlin (ZLB).

I expect to attend GL9 to cover the conference for a forthcoming article in Information Today.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today

One Response to “Next Week: Grey Literature (GL9)”

  1. Dominic Farace December 6, 2007 at 1:20 am #

    Donald, I think your coverage of the Ninth International Conference on Grey Literature in Antwerp will be of great importance to the grey literature community. There will be some 50 organizations from 18 countries worldwide attending. The GL-Conference Series always seems to have a spin-off. Last year in New Orleans, shortly after Hurricane Katrina; and this year in Belgium during the midst of a government stand-off between Flanders and Walloon.