2.0: Innovation or Anarchy?

Great title for a session!  Euan Semple, described as an "organizational anarchist" and an unconventional manager, was the keynote speaker in this session.  He talked about:

  • efficiency, using a wiki for oil safety as an example
  • collaboration, a surgeon in a hospital in Finland using a wiki to share info with other surgeons
  • innovation, "ideas arise out of the large melting pot of people" who use space to discuss and dissent from the status quo —  and love his quote "tiny ship of order vs vast sea of chaos"
  • communication, influening & leading rather than broadcasting; tips — ask good questions to steer the conversation & lob ideas via blogs to compel conversation
  • ROI, accountability
  • knowledge extration & retention
  • customer engagement, an example being an oil (BP) company creating a wiki for motor addicts
  • the bigger picture

Jane Dysart

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