WhatSUP, LiveJournal?

Giving talks about Web 2.0 (and Library 2.0) topics presents some challenges. This afternoon I’m filling in for Phil Bradley in a session he called "30 Web 2.0 Sites in 30 Minutes." One of the 30 is LiveJournal, which Six Apart announced yesterday it was selling to Russian company SUP. Wired News called it "To Russia With Love." SUP already acts as LiveJournal’s agent in Russia and says it intends to keep the headquarters of LiveJournal in San Francisco. It reassured the 13 to 14 million LiveJournal bloggers that nothing will change, but I would never bet on no changes after an acquisition. History indicates this is rarely the case. Still, LIveJournal users almost certainly won’t see immediate changes, so most of what I plan to say this afternoon won’t change. It will be interesting to see if SUP develops any of the social networking aspects of LiveJournal and challenge Facebook and MySpace.
Marydee Ojala

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