The Conference Opens

Katherine Allen opens the conference and notes that delegates from 101 countries are present, along with more than 200 exhibitors.  In keeping with the conference focus on Web 2.0 technologies, a Facebook group with over 500 members has been formed, where people can interact with other attendees.  She also noted that we are in an unprecedented time of dynamism and tension in the industry.  Adrian Dale, Program Chair, continued this theme and said that bringing information into the living room is a true revolution that could not be imagined in past years.  Citing a recent study reporting that 1/3 of Britons use social networking confirms this observation.  And now that consumers are using and storing more and more information, home backup solutions are beginning to appear.  According to a recent statement by Lynne Brindley, Chief Executive of the British Library, "we must embrace the future or die". 

The auditorium was full for the opening keynote address by Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia.

My colleagues and I look forward to bringing you the latest from the conference, so check back here frequently.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today


  1. The Conference Opens - December 4, 2007

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