New Web Applications: Mashups and Visualizations

Here is Darlene Fichter in costume for  Halloween after her presentation on mashups and visualizations.

Whereas Web 1.0 was the realm of people who knew HTML coding (i.e. programmers), Web 2.0 has made it possible for anyone to participate without knowing coding.  This has given rise to citizen journalism an explosion of photo sites, etc.  New applications can be created in minutes using wizards and other tools.


Mashups are a direct result of Web 2.0.  A mashup is a web application using content from more than one source to create a new application.  The term comes from pop music.  In the mashup ecosystem, open data content is the key; over half of today’s mashups involve maps.  Mashups used to involve coding, but new tools now make the task much easier.  Here are some of them:

  • Yahoo Maps
  • Frappr
  • Google My Maps
  • Yahoo Pipes
  • QEDWiki
  • DataMashups

According to The Programmable Web, at least 2,456 mashups exist

Data Visualization

Visualization is an important way to access data because the human eye can process information much better visually than textually.  Here are some examples of web sites using visualization to present data.

 Finally, a new trend is social data sites using these technologies.  One example is ManyEyes (see photo below)

Don Hawkins
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