More Tips from Tuesday’s Track C

As promised earlier I want to add a few more training tips that I heard yesterday. Here’s some good stuff from Michael Stephens and Sarah Houghton-Jan:

  • When you need a topic to use for training, let the learners pick ones that they’re interested in. The lesson will mean more and probably be retained longer.
  • Be at students’ level, physically. If  they’re sitting, sit. Don’t tower above them; make a more personal connection.
  • Reward people for giving correct answers, for participating, etc. Praise them aloud or make certificates for them to carry away.
  • Train people on new software or hardware long before it’s implemented. Give staff time to play with it before they’re expected to help others with it.      

As Sarah


 "Fun can happen     

in technical training; it really can."

~Kathy Dempsey

editor of CIL and MLS

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