Internet Librarian 07 Becomes Part of History

As Don mentioned earlier, part of last night’s session was on gadgets and part was on a really cool project that four Dutch men have undertaken. They flew from Amsterdam to New York, rented an RV, and proceeded to drive it around the US, hitting the 5,000-mile mark as they got to Monterey. Along the way they visited libraries and interviewed all sorts of librarians about how they saw the future of libraries. Wow, what a story they have to tell.

(L-R: Edo, Japp, Geert, Erik in the RV)

And so it was no accident that they dubbed their project Shanachie Tour. ("Shanachie" is Irish for "Storytelling." They filmed their interviews and their trip, and are creating a documentary about it. At IL’s session they not only showed parts of what  they’ve filmed so far, they made our audience part of it. They did live interivews during the session and projected them on the screen in real time. Nothing like seeing yourself make history as it happens. 


I know that Erik, Jaap, Geert, and Edo made a lot of friends along the way. They certainly did in Monterey. Soon they’ll fly home and head back to work at Delft’s" Library Concept Center." ( But you’ll want to enjoy their web site while you wait for the finished product. Maybe you’ll see some of the colleagues in the crowd! 

Thanks, gentlemen, for reminding us how much American libraries rock–and for showing us how much Dutch librarians rock!

~Kathy Dempsey

CIL & MLS editor



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