Gadgets and More Gadgets

Barbara Fullerton, Sabrini Pacifici, and Aaron Schmidt gave their always popular gadgets session at an evening session tonight.  Copies of their PowerPoint slides with the details of the gadgets will be on Aaron’s and Sabrini’s blogs as well as the conference presentations website shortly.  A new feature of their presentation was the special inclusion of some eco-friendly gadgets. 

Following the gadget part of the session, a team from the Delft Public Library in the Netherlands presented a series of short videos illustrating best practices in various libraries that they visited on a road trip from New York to Monterey.  The video sketches will be combined in a documentary they are creating.  You can see the clips and the complete documentary (when it is ready) on their website.

As usual, the evening session was entertaining and punctuated by lots of laughter, and a good time was had by all.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and IL2007 Blog Coordinator



Here is a list of the gadgets that were described by Barbara, Sabrini, and Aaron:

Battery operated Wi-Fi detector shirt
Asustek Internet Radio (AIR)
Biggest storage capacity
128 gB memory cards
Archos 404 Camcorder
Palm Centro
Wireless SMS keyboard
Mandylion Password Manager
Cable cat
Canon snap concept
Sunray SX2 solar golf cart
Blackjack phone
Meebo Firefox sidebar
Wireless patient forms
MyGo cane
E-ink based e-book readers
iGo Everywhere85 universal power adaptor
Vudu Broadband set top box for movie rental and purchase
HP Cloudprint print software
Skitch screen grabber
iPod video goggles
Wireless iTMS Itunes Wi-Fi music store

Going green gadgets

Recycling washer/dryer
Gidget Gadget case
Wattson energy usage monitor
Solar charged electro bike
Canon Rebel XT camera
Blackle screen interface
GreenPrint software
Staple-less staplers for dog and cat lovers
One laptop per child



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