Training High-Tech Professionals

Training professionals in high technology companies raises its own set of issues, as outlined by Karen Draper, Sr. Information Specialist at Adobe Systems, Inc.  She noted that innovative ideas need informamtion to help them turn into products or services.  The pace in a technology environment is fast; employees work fast and need information even faster. They face too much information and tend to shut thier minds to getting even more.  Draper developed several personas of various types of professionals in her environment:  product managers, engineers, marketing managers, sales people, interns, and directors.  See her presentation for the details. 

Adobe also offers a range of training classes to teach employees how to use information services; these are given using web conferencing technology.  I found it interesting that students are encouraged to bring their own laptops to the classes, even when they are physically present in the classroom so that they can try the techniques as they are presented to them.  Social networking tools like blogs, wikis, and folksonomies (all behind the firewall) are also used for training.

The Adobe scenario shows how Web2.0 technologies can be used to advantage in a fast paced, high energy technical environment and is a useful model to follow.

Don Hawkins
Columnist, Information Today and IL2007 Blog Coordinator

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