Reach Out and 2.0 Someone

Some of you know me as Editor in Chief of Computers in Libraries magazine, but I’m also the editor of the Marketing Library Services newsletter. Promoting libraries is my real passion, and unless people know about your services, then none of your great tech stuff matters.

So I was happy to start my day of regular sessions with one called Online Marketing for Libraries: Outreach & PR in a 2.0 World. Sarah Houghton-Jan and Aaron Schmidt recommended lots of strategies and tools that you can use to reach out to people so they realize the value of libraries. Many of their tips were simple and either free or low-cost. Some examples:

  • search engine optimization – make sure lots of search engines, big & small, can find your site.
  • list your blogs in blog search engines.
  • write wikipedia and wikimapia entries about your local area.
  • check social review web sites to see what people are saying about your library.
  • have a presence on social networking sites.
  • if you offer free wi-fi, list your org in wi-fi directories.
  • use tools such as twitter, IM, and SMS to show your tech-savvy.

All of these actions are essential for comprehensive library promotion. Check the speakers’ web sites and blogs soon to see the full list of tools along with the URLs to get you going on everything. Don’t ignore this valuable information!

~Kathy Dempsey

CIL & MLS Editor



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