Lee Rainie’s Keynote Opens IL 2007

Popular speaker Lee Rainie of the Pew Internet & American Life Project energized the record-sized crowd with more fascinating facts from Pew’s ongoing studies.

Since this conferene is all about 2.0, he began by showing the crowd some blog comments about him and his previous talks. Some were pretty funny! Seeing what Internet users think is a cornerstone of his work, and he went on to reveal a lot of categorizations of people and statistics about them in today’s online world. Rainie admitted to being a fast-talking New Yorker, and assured the crowd that he’d have his talk and slides posted on our Web site so people could study them later. Good thing! I couldn’t have written it all down (or even typed it all out) in less than half a day.

When you find his talk later at  www.infotoday.com/il2007, you’ll see his 8 Hallmarks of New Digital Media Systems and his 10 Major Tech User Groups. These categorizations of different levels of tech users (from "omnivores" to non-believers) reminded me of the Beloit Mindset lists that come out every year to give us an overview of what people in the next graduating class know and relate to. Definitely worth checking out!

The favorite quote that I took away from all of this came when he commented on how people used to just read news and content, but now they can simply create their own: "Now the audience is on stage." Bravo, Lee, for all that you & the Pew organization bring to our stage.

~Kathy Dempsey

CIL & MLS Editor

Info Today


One Response to “Lee Rainie’s Keynote Opens IL 2007”

  1. montereydogmama October 29, 2007 at 3:13 pm #

    The keynote was excellent, but I was frustrated by the poor acoustics and screen visibility for those of us seated towards the back.