How Libraries Can Do Advocacy

The last session I sat in on today was called Advocacy 2.0. (See a pattern in what I’m attending?) Copresenters Aurora Jacobsen and Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran talked about how libraries can advocate via blogs and web sites to get the attention of politicians. (Or at least try to get their attention!) They’ve had some success in Minnesota.

One idea I found interesting was making a mashup for legislators. It contains links to legislators’ web pages, photos of them, and links to all the libraries in their regions so they could see how many there are and where they’re located. That’s just one more way to make the pols more aware of libraries. Another great attention-getter was putting their faces on READ posters and giving them as surprise gifts. (What could they love more than seeing their faces on more posters?)

Is it really OK to try to get legislative attention? Mary Beth assured the small group of listeners, "Every other nonprofit does this and we should too." Amen sister!

~Kathy Dempsey

Editor of CIL & MLS


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