Google Tips

At the Google booth, they were handing out a bookmark with search tips. The tips were: doing a site specific seach using the site: operator, convert ing units of measure (cm in foot), doing basic math (1 + 1 tells you the answer is 2), searching for an exact phrase ("one small step for mankind"), excluding words from a search (the – is Google’s NOT operator), and finding similar words (the tilde ~ theoretically searches for synonyms). That latter is quite problematic, something Google didn’t say. They also had fortune cookies. The one I got told how to find pages that link to you using the command. I wish they’d been more specific about how to do that search, since some people would type include the http:// while others would start with www. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think most SLA attendees already know these rather basic tips. They certainly know them if they’ve ever attended WebSearch University (!

Marydee Ojala

Editor, ONLINE: The Leading Magazine for Information Professionals,


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