Catching Up with ProQuest

Some of the ITI blog crew had breakfast during SLA with Marty Kahn, CEO of ProQuest, and Lynda James-Gilboe, EVP of Marketing, ProQuest.  Just to clarify an earlier post, the new name is ProQuest, not ProQuest Science. The photo we posted earlier kind of implies that the word Science is part of the new name, which it isn’t. The new logo’s got a kind of swirly Q to it that is very modern looking.

Marty and Lynda reported that the merger is going smoothly and they’ve been delighted that the companies have such complementary products and values. Work needs to be done on the technical side, since both the old CSA and ProQuest platforms need improvement. They stressed how the management team has pulled together the best people from both companies and brought in some outsiders as well. The new CIO, Bipin Patel, comes from Ford Motor Company and is someone I heard speak at a Forrester conference a few years ago. I was impressed and think he’ll be a very welcome presence at ProQuest. Marty commented that he’s taking very seriously Barbara Quint’s comments in her article, "Dear Marty, Dear Matt" and you may hear some more about that going forward.

What they didn’t bother to tell us at breakfast was the news release that hit our collective mailboxes a bit later the same day, announcing  a reciprocal searching and linking partnership that will expand the research capabilities of mutual customers of CSA Illumina  (that’s the product that deep indexes illustrative matter within articles) and Scopus. Quoting from the release, "This integration is designed to enable users of CSA Illumina to find 4,500 Scopus titles in natural sciences, business, and economics directly integrated in their search results. In turn, Scopus users will be able to view records from selected ProQuest databases in social sciences from the CSA Illumina platform. CSA Illumina, from ProQuest, is a digital platform for bibliographic and full-text searching of more than 100 databases covering social sciences. Scopus is an abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources with tools to track, analyze, and visualize research, covering over 15,000 titles from more than 4,000 international publishers."

Strolling the exhibit hall, I stopped by the Grey House booth, where Dick Gottlieb reminded me that his company, acquired Micromedia’s directories pubishing production from ProQuest last November.

Busy and exciting times for ProQuest!

Marydee Ojala

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