Librarians in Pop Culture

"Resourceful and Sexy"

In a session yesterday afternoon, Ruth Kneale shared her latest round of  fascinating observations about how librarians are depicted in film, books, comics, and even on T-Shirts.

High on her list of recommended reading is the comic book series about librarian Rex Libris, whom she describes as "librarians’ answer to James Bond." 

Rex, she explained, is involved in the unending struggle against the forces of darkness.  The six-book series provides "action interspersed with nerdy librarian concepts."

Ruth’s presentation will soon be available at her Web site:  . . .

Check it out and, oh yeah, shushhhhh!

Dick Kaser
ITI, VP, Content

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  1. J Carpenter June 6, 2007 at 7:09 pm #

    Oops, the image didn’t work so here is a link: She Blinded Me with Library Science